Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food: HappySqueeze by HAPPY BABY

My husband, 22-month-old toddler, and I had dinner at The Olive Garden last night with another couple and their two children. While we waited for our dinner to arrive, I pulled out a new product from the HAPPYBABY organic food brand - a "HappySqueeze" pouch. Abigail is accustomed to the pouches with the screwtop/spout so this was a first. I was super confident she could handle it! She proceeded to eat directly from the pouch almost immediately after I ripped off the tab. She noticed right away that it didn't have a spout. Next thing I know she squeezed the pouch so hard the Super Pom, Apple + Peach filling shot up in the air like a geyser! The center of the table, several crayons and Sicily-themed coloring placemat that lay in front of her were coated in HappySqueeze filing - OH JOY! 

After cleaning up the table with the help of my friend I inspected the pouch to see if any of the pureed goodness was salvageable. Thankfully, half the filling was still inside. I wasn't thrilled about another potential spraying across the table so I took hold of the pouch, located a clean appetizer-sized plate and added a buttery bread stick torn into five smaller pieces to the plate with the remaining filling to serve as a "dipping" sauce. Abigail didn't blink at the chance to swirl her bread in the filling and gave me a huge grin. 

Reflecting Back: I'll use this product again under close supervision because she loved the flavor but certainly won't be serving this snack to my child while seated in her carseat during a drive across town.  If you find yourself in a similar predicament or perhaps your child just isn't fond of the flavor, never fear! There are alternative uses for those pouches mama! 


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